Painting Outside

Virtually all the paintings and drawings I make are direct from life – sitting in front of a landscape or a person.  Outside, that is not always as romantic as it sounds. For years I used to prop myself on a fallen tree trunk or a rock, batting off flies and mosquitoes, sensing one side of my neck or arm getting a nasty sunburn and feeling my backside going numb. Insect repellant and high factor sun cream helps – as does a broad brimmed hat when I’m not too vain to wear it. However, the revolutionary change occurred when Mark first suggested I buy a cheap fishing chair while we were on vacation in Oregon. My first response was that I wouldn’t be able to transport it home, to which his radical solution was : “You can leave it here.” Eureka!

Regardless of the occasional minor discomfort these images remind me that I have been privileged to visit some wonderful places.

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  1. I love your paintings and have religiously saved each of those great Xmas cards you hand paint. I know that Mary will be incredibly jealous to see the places you have painted and the time and space Mark gives you since I am all “hurry, hurry” when we travel..

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