Tree, Ischia, 1997

Miscellanea and New Beginnings…

In 1988 I started to study to be a paintings conservator. It was the discovery of a new and different passion, one that fortunately has become my career.

I continued to draw and paint over the next decade or so but not as regularly. Nonetheless, I find it interesting to look back over the work from those years. Museum objects appear, and different places and people, and often the places are inextricably linked with the people and the moment. Some of the principal players appear in People






I wish I had made a habit of recording location and date but unfortunately I only started that very recently. Specifics of where and when – the geographical and chronological coordinates, are fuzzy, but the emotional ones are not. They are, no doubt, impacted by the knowledge of all that has happened since, but the images are still very immediate reminders of how I felt at a particular moment.

I met Mark in 2001. We had a great first holiday together in Corfu. It felt like a curious choice for me – the location that is! I took along materials to paint not sure how it would work out. I discovered an infinitely patient and encouraging companion.


Mark - climbing on board, Kaminaki, Corfu, 2001
Mark – climbing on board, Kaminaki, Corfu, 2001

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