Clinton Corners, NY, March 3, 2019


In the here and now for a change. It snowed yesterday, and winter feels like a house guest who keeps extending their stay – it was nice at first but just leave will you!

So, while I am awaiting its departure, here is a collection of winter scenes from the last fifteen months. Painting outside when it is below zero is truly grim and I sense numbing fingers and shrinking patience when I look at some of these. But it is a season that has its own very particular beauty. Right now I want it out of here but come November I will be glad to welcome its return.

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  1. Stunning, nostalgic, poetic, chilling. Makes me very conscious of my need to seize the day.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Being familiar with Clinton Corners, it was fun to see how beautifully you have captured the area!

  3. These are beautiful- hope to see them in person at some point. They capture the beauty and bite of winter. (I do agree it is time for winter to go away for a while!) xx

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