Cathédrale du Nebbio, Saint-Florent, Corsica, 2003

Bona Pasqua! – Corsica

We visited Corsica twice: in 2003 whilst we were living in Edinburgh, and then again in 2007, traveling over from New York. I say Corsica but on both occasions we were based in Saint-Florent, at the northern tip of the island. It is beautiful – an odd hybrid of  Italy and France but also something unique – like the language.  I would happily return as I know there is far more to explore.

Watchtower, Corsica, 2003
Watchtower, Corsica, 2003

In 2003 we split our time between two vacation rentals. The first week we stayed in a converted Genoese watchtower – very striking, apart from the low doorways that we cracked our heads against daily. The only outside space was on the roof and had no shade whatsoever. Mark would fry like an egg up there during the day and I would go off in search of somewhere to paint in the shade. It was like we were on two separate holidays! One evening, I obstinately insisted on schlepping the outdoor grill up the narrow, winding staircase to the roof to cook – of all things, tandoori chicken! I had prepared various salads to accompany this completely non-Corsican specialty. The wind was so strong up there that it literally blew everything off the plates, including the chicken. It was funny – the next day…

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  1. Wish it were that warm and sunny here (in the Saint Florent of the Hamptons…)
    Happy Easter!

  2. We love these, Michael. In two weeks we are taking our family to Corsica – a few days in the north and a few days in the south. I hope it’s as glorious as these make it.

  3. Thanks Mike some beautiful images and lovely memories of Corsica! Fantastic scenery, lots of laughter and too much margarita!! X

  4. I like that you also included some images of the pictures in your sketch book. Without a doubt, you captured the beauty of Corsica!

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