I started this blog on January 5th 2019. In the morning I did not have a website and by 6pm I did. In the intervening weeks and months it has been a time drain and, at times, a technical pain in the bum!

However, photographing and sharing much of the work I have made over the past decades, as well as in the present, has been a different but equally important sort of “coming out”. It has reminded me that this is far more than a hobby: it is central to who I am – and the people who get that get me.

And this year more of my works than ever before have gone to new homes and that is deeply moving. Here they are as a totally random mosaic!

Thank you to those who acquired something, “liked” or commented, or simply took the time to look. It means SO much.




  1. Congratulations on this anniversary (and milestone), Michael.
    What a productive, creative year you have had…

  2. Pleased and proud to be able to look at some of your paintings on a daily basis!! Good luck for 2020! X

  3. Your art and your sensitivity to nature brings us all such visual pleasure! Happy New Year! Maryan and Chuck

  4. We have loved following the journey as well and are amazed at what you have accomplished. Looking forward to more! Xxxooo Y and B

  5. I have to admit your art work is indeed fascinating. Nature stills hold the viewer for hours as we look for animals or things unseen but nature is just beautiful. Great work Michael !!

  6. LOVELY work, Michael! God has given you a unique talent. There’s a softness to your paintings that enhances the beauty of each scene. To study them creates peace of soul.

Please let me know what you think!