Min’s Garden - December, Castine, 2010

Maine – Winter

We loved our summer trip to Maine in August 2010. So much so that we went back for Christmas that year.  Mark had tortured me on the return journey in the summer about our need to get a car – and specifically a Jeep. I regarded this as a tragic, midlife crisis. It is a credit to his powers of persuasion – or ruthless tenacity – that we drove back to Maine in December in our own car – a Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler, Maine, December, 2010
Jeep Wrangler, Maine, December, 2010

The landscape was extraordinary in the snow, exposed and authentic. And the weather was brutal and beautiful. I generally like the pictures I did in December far more than the summer scenes. Some were done through the window but for a few I braved the elements. And it always shows!

Coastal View - December, Castine, 2010
Coastal View – December, Castine, 2010

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The bitter cold discouraged long periods outside. A little sadly, the photographs we took serve to remind me of all the missed opportunities.

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  1. I think that these — summer and especially winter — are among your very best!!
    Love them!!!

  2. These are wonderfully evocative. They could almost tempt me to visit Maine in winter. Almost is the operative word since I felt I visited Maine in winter when I was there in August.

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