I love Thanksgiving. Coming from the UK this holiday is, of course, foreign. Perhaps because of that, we can steal what is good about it and not get caught up in the baggage of obligation that we hear some of our American friends complain about. So no travel for us, just low key relaxation, indulgent cooking and – aw shucks, we’ll admit it – giving thanks!

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At 36 x 48 inches, this is my second whopper – see Super Size Me!

MG painting, Upton Lake, Thanksgiving, 2019
MG painting, Upton Lake, Thanksgiving, 2019

PHOTO – Mark Powell

Later that weekend it was too cold and wet to be outside and so I turned to a vase of flowers – a favorite – anemones, lush and bold but not quite as Barbara Cartland blousy as peonies.

Anemones, December 1st, 2019
Anemones, December 1st, 2019,
Anemones, December 1st, 2019, - Detail
Anemones, December 1st, 2019, – Detail


  1. Extraordinary paintings – as we all expect from you – but oh the joy of seeing the anemones flowering while it is brutally cold outside. Brilliant.

  2. I really do love looking at your painting, Mike. Sadly, my lap-top cannot print them in colour. Your photographer is pretty good also, what’s the name? Michael.

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