I am writing this on April 2nd. Yesterday it snowed. Not much, and it didn’t stick, but it snowed. It felt hugely unwelcome but apt for the day… A couple of weeks ago I still felt romantically inclined towards the cold, wet, white stuff and how it transforms the landscape. After a long walk around Wethersfield Trails I set up to try and capture what had so appealed to me on our hike.

Wethersfield Trails, MG painting I, March 7th, 2021,

The first sketch on paper, in my mind the warm-up one, remains perhaps my favorite for its directness and the large areas of untouched support.

Wethersfield Trails, 12:30 pm, March 7th, 2021

The reason I “warmed-up” was because I wanted to get the second one right. I had finally committed to using a simply beautiful oak panel made by a friend in Amsterdam, conservator Gert Van Gerven, and generously gifted to me early in the New Year. A wonderful surface with a reverse as pleasing as one could hope for.

Wethersfield Trails, 1:00 pm, March 7th, 2021
Reverse of oak panel

And the third and last was, as can be seen from the featured image, a mini version.

Wethersfield Trails, MG painting II, March 7th, 2021,
Wethersfield Trails, 2:00 pm, March 7th, 2021

Later the same afternoon, I took great pleasure in completing a tiny zigzag sketchbook, concentrating on the snowy undergrowth, and using, for a change, wax crayon and watercolor.

I am rather proud of my left handed dexterity in the video!

Zigzag Sketchbook, March 7th, 2021

So, I do like snow, but for now I have had enough. Bring on the spring!







  1. These are beautiful you can feel the air. I love the zigzag notebooks.
    Happy Easter.

  2. I fail to tell you enough how much I enjoy reading these posts. How I appreciate the insight I am given into the landscapes or objects you have set your focus on through accompanying photos and descriptions about the day, the season, and your feelings. I am thrilled to see the development of your work through different versions you allow me to view. I’m also delighted by the variety of your work, and the sheer beauty you are consistently able to capture and convey. Thank you X

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