January 22nd

I didn’t venture out to paint last weekend, it was simply too frigid. Consequently, I felt antsy early this morning. I kept poking my head out and thinking it is still too cold, and I’m not obliged to paint anyway. Leave me be!
I busied myself by applying a gray colored ground to a few supports and thought that might be enough. Well it wasn’t. So, I donned numerous layers and went out late morning to encounter a truly beautiful day, the Canada geese honking, and the frozen lake making its own, strange, deep sounds, as the ice ached and groaned. I was glad to have taken the proverbial plunge.


MG painting, January 22nd, 2022, PHOTO: Mark Powell
Painting in situ, January 22nd
Trees and Snow, Clinton Corners, January 22nd, 1:00 pm,
Oil on canvas,
24 x 18”

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Trees and Snow, Clinton Corners, mid afternoon, January 22nd,
Oil on paper, with black chalk and scraping,
12 x 12”

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