End of year, beginning of year

So, 2020 is over and probably nobody regrets that.

I did this self portrait on December 19th and have to admit I really like it. The concentration involved always suggests a certain anxiety but this time the mood and the moment feel like a match.

Self Portrait, December 19th, 2020

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I have far too many things to be grateful for to start griping about the last twelve months. Among them are the paintings that went off to new homes last year – 69 in total, including 28 sold to raise money for charity. A random and incomplete selection is below. I am so appreciative.

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Here’s to 2021 – may it be a great one for you all.

Michael x


  1. Hello Mike, I think that’s great self-portrait, you have given yourself a serious mouth and captured that sparkling glint in your eyes.

  2. Fabulous self portrait beautiful paintings so lovely to view them thank you for sharing ❤ 😊 wishing you both a happy new year ! XXXX

  3. You captured yourself- both the seriousness and the twinkle in your eye beautifully. Happy New Year! xx

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