I almost titled this “Threesomes”. That would have been cheap, clickbait – possibly very effective but ultimately hugely disappointing for interested parties. So here we are with a slightly overinflated, art historical reference. Anyway, I just had the idea to temporarily attach three supports and paint a continuous scene – and then separate them a little but keep them as one work. Okay, not splitting the atom exactly, but I enjoyed the variation! (Click on images to enlarge)

Upton Lake Triptych,
October 31st,
Oil on canvas, with scraping,
Each panel 24 x 18”,
Buttercup Preserve,
November 11th,
MG painting,
PHOTO: Mark Powell,
Thompson Pond Triptych,
November 24th, 2:00 pm,
Oil on wood panel, with scraping,
Each panel 14 x 11”,




Please let me know what you think!